About me


Without having gone to any art or animation schools, I started working in animation in 1984 as an apprentice at studio Pascal Blais in Montreal to eventually become a senior animator at Disney Canada by 1996.
I transitioned to being a full time storyboard artist in 2002.

I also draw comics. I received the 2016 Amnesty International (Canada) Media Award for online graphic novel for my project SAFE HOUSE. Also, my 2013 graphic novel ‘War Brothers’ about child soldiers was nominated for an Eisner award.

I live in Toronto, Canada

E-mail: danlafrance@sympatico.ca

Work History

House of Cool (2012 to 2017)

OCTONAUTS, 26 episodes TV series. Head of story supervising a team of storyboard artists and directing animatics. 2016/17

FERDINAND, Feature for Blue Sky . Story artist for 10 months in 2014/15 and 6 weeks in 2016

WATERSHIP DOWN, mini series for the BBC and Netflix. Story artist on 7 sequences in 2016

DRAGONS (SEASON 3), series for Dreamworks and Netflix. Storyboard artist on 5 episodes in 2016

TROLL HUNTERS, series for Dreamworks and Netflix. Storyboard artist on 3 episodes in 2015/16

ICE AGE (Easter Special), special for Blue Sky. Story artist on 3 sequences in 2015

THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, Feature for Rovio. Story artist for 10 months in 2013/14

THE BOOK OF LIFE, Feature for Reel FX. Story artist for 12 months in 2012/13



THE NUT JOB, Feature for Toonbox Entertainment (5 months in 2010/11)

POOH’S HEFFALUM HALLOWEEN MOVIE, Feature for Disney (4 weeks in 2005)

RETURN TO NEVERLAND, Feature for Disney Canada (6 months in 1999)

RESIDENT EVIL- RETRIBUTION, Live action feature film for Mr.X (2 months in 2011)

TV SERIES,From 1992 to 2010, I storyboarded on 115 episodes TV series from different studios.


Graphic Novel Illustrator


An online graphic novel in partnership with the journalist Marc Ellison and published by The Toronto Star. Winner of the 2016 Amnesty International (Canada) Media Award for online graphic novel.


A graphic novel about child soldiers in Uganda, published by Annick Press. Nominated for an Eisner Award


2D ANIMATOR from 1984 to 2002