About me


Without having gone to any art or animation schools, I started working in animation in 1984 as an apprentice at studio Pascal Blais in Montreal to eventually become a senior animator at Disney Canada by 1996.
I transitioned to being a full time storyboard artist in 2002. I am now ‘head of story’at House of Cool in Toronto where I work on feature films and hight quality projects. My other responsibilities at the studio includes training and supervising a team of 12 story artist.

I also draw comics. My 2013 graphic novel ‘War Brothers’ about child soldiers was nominated for an Eisner award.

I have a strong sense for storytelling and I enjoy mentoring younger artists.

I bring commitment, knowledge of story structure, strong drawing skills and speed to any project.


I live in Toronto, Canada

E-mail: danlafrance@sympatico.ca
Skype: Daniel Lafrance

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