War Brothers nominated for an Eisner award!

BIG NEWS, War Brothers is nominated for a Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards for Best Graphic Album. For those who don’t know, the Eisner is the comic book world’s version of the Oscars.

I’m totally surprised and honored!
Hopefully this will help get the book in more libraries and schools.




Prelim #3

Here’s another sketch for ‘Thunder’. Trying to find a style that is quick to draw but still as some texture.

Drawn, inked and grey markers on Bristol board. Colored in Photoshop.


Here’s the photo I used as reference.


Sketch for ‘Thunder’

Okay, after a delay of 6 months, I’m back on my new graphic novel with Sharon McKay. I’m playing around, trying to decide which technique to use. I work all day as a storyboard artist drawing on a Cintiq, so I’m trying to see if I can get away from the computer and do this book the old traditional way.  At this stage, I’m not worried about making a nice drawing. All I’m looking for is a style that excites me and that will keep me interested for 200 pages.

Drawn and inked on Bristol board. Grey tones with Copic markers.Colored in Photoshop.

style test 2

Quick sketches

I went to a skateboard park and tried to capture some moments. The cool thing about these kids is that they practice the same jump or trick over and over. :)

I looked at the jump and tried to take a mental picture, then I used a grey marker for a quick gesture and finished it with a pentel brush pen. These are no more than 2 minutes each.

skateboard sketches

Next Graphic Novel

It’s official, my next graphic novel will be an adaptation of the novel for YA “Thunder over Kandahar” by the amazing Sharon McKay. It’s a great story about two 14 year old girls in Afghanistan who have to run away from the Taliban. I will be working with Sharon on adapting the story and I will illustrate it.

Thunder over Kandahar novel

Here’s two studies for that one. I’m thinking no colors, just black and white with washes.

talib and girl


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