Inking test #2

Studies made from Death Dealer statue.

Death Dealer horse 1

4 thoughts on “Inking test #2

  1. Thanks Arna…I’m re-discovering the fun of inking…I’m finding out that inking is all about lighting, which I need to understand more.

  2. I think inking has lighting in common with sculpting- in sculpting we’re always looking for the planes, where light falls and where the darks exist.

  3. You are right…You’ve been sculpting for a while now. Maybe it’s something I should pick up too to help me with form and lighting. BTW I’ve changed the set up on my blog to make it more like a ‘website’. I realized that old blog posts were showing after my new sketches, so I had to block the blog feature and just use ‘static pages’… so this is the last time we can ‘talk’ thru my blog…this means we have to meet in person more often,haha

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